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Health literacy chronic disease network

Improving the health literacy of adults with chronic diseases

We’re a multidisciplinary, international research network that improves the management of chronic disease for adults with lower literacy.

Our research aims to study:

  • the role of dietary factors within real life settings
  • the influence of physical activity and exercise
  • societal contexts of dietary and physical activity patterns.

Experiments on our nutrition usually involve varying a single dietary factor while keeping other factors constant. These experiments have suggested that a range of dietary factors may influence human health. However, our nutrient intake doesn’t occur in the simplified setting of a laboratory. It occurs within a complex environment where multiple variables interact to influence eating habits and health.

Our work draws on existing population-specific, national and global dietary surveys to examine the individual and interactive effects of various dietary factors. 

Our cross-disciplinary team will analyse the contextual role of dietary factors in the biology of human health and disease.

External collaborators

  • Stephen Black, University of Technology Sydney
  • Professor Sandra Eades, University of Melbourne
  • Kieko Yasukawa, University of Technology Sydney

Project lead

Associate Professor Kirsten McCaffery
Associate Professor Kirsten McCaffery
"The Charles Perkins Centre provides an opportunity to work with disciplines I have never worked with before. This brings new ideas, new approaches and renewed excitement to tackle major health problems."
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