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After experiencing rapid growth, we are now considered at the forefront of advancing Marketing knowledge through research and teaching, and a leading provider of undergraduate and post graduate Marketing education.

Our teaching and research benefit from strong links with business, professional associations and Government. We draw on the industry experience of our staff as well as the Discipline's Advisory Board, which is made up of some of Australia's leading marketing practitioners.

Graduates in Marketing take up numerous roles in marketing management, advertising, market research and consulting. They work across sectors - in commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations. An increasing number of graduates end up in senior management positions, such as Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board Director.

The breadth of Marketing provides room for all kinds of people - those who see themselves having more general people and communication skills, are highly entrepreneurial, and those who see themselves as being highly analytical and creative. Marketing is central to any organisation's success and the demand for highly skilled marketers has never been stronger.

We encourage you to find out more about the Discipline's innovative programs, activities and people. And to discover more about what marketers do and what marketing is like at The University of Sydney, we invite you to view the short film produced by the marketing discipline's film unit.

Marketing Matters Blog

  • SuperBowl Ads and Going Back to the Future 30 Jan 2015

    As SuperBowl XLIX is fast approaching, the world’s most expensive and creative ads start coming to light as well. As outsiders to advertising, you’d just think they keep getting more and more creative every year, and if not creative, at least more and more crazy and attention grabbing. But a little blast from the past by BMW can really help everyone enjoy a time when we didn’t exactly understand ... Read More

  • A New Era at Gucci – New CEO & Creative Director Lead Re-brand 28 Jan 2015

    In the fashion world change is always imminent, and on most occasions required, in order to set new trends, push editorial boundaries and keep a brand relevant. But what I’ve always found most interesting about the industry is how re-branding works in particular, in the sense that when a new designer takes over the role as Creative Director for a brand, they have an opportunity to tell new ... Read More

  • Flashback to Personal Branding 23 Jan 2015

    As an up-and-coming marketer, I find this blog a very good place to reflect upon personal experiences - especially those which come from realising I am seeing things in a new way, thanks to my education and new skills from the Master of Marketing program. One such experience has come from Sydney’s real estate market and my search for the perfect new home.That being said, I’ve come to modify my ... Read More

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