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  • Marketing on Instagram – Mercedes Benz GLA 26 Dec 2014

    Marketing on social media platforms is no longer an uncharted territory, but for many brands the challenge they face is in creating content and campaigns that are both innovative, and completely engaging for their target market. It’s quite easy to create great looking content, but to create a branded experience on these channels is much more difficult, and especially so on Instagram where users ... Read More

  • Personal branding: How good does your internship really look? 23 Dec 2014

    I frequently wonder: what does an internship really do for you? Of course, it has to be different for everyone. For example, some people learn necessary computer skills and operating systems within a company. However, for others, they already knew how to lick an envelope and send the letter. What is the objective purpose of internships, what guidelines are there, and how good does it really make ... Read More

  • MONA and The Art of Words 19 Dec 2014

    Over breakfast this morning one of my clever classmates reminded me that the heart of communication is not simply what we say, but how we say it. It was a simple, offhand comment that got me thinking about the many messages we’re bombarded with daily, and how a brand I experienced over the weekend cut through this noise using the simplest of tools. Thanks to an invitation from good friends to ... Read More

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