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  • Why pay for something you could otherwise get for free? 30 Jun 2015

    Earlier this week I was shopping in my local supermarket when I noticed a customer loading up a trolley full of bottled water. Upon seeing the customer loading case after case of water into the trolley, one thought instinctively crossed my mind. Why on earth would someone pay for something that you could otherwise get for free?You only realise you are truly a marketer when instead of taking every ... Read More

  • Collaborative Consumption Takes Over 26 Jun 2015

    An emerging trend, the idea of “sharing economy”, otherwise known as collaborative consumption, will greatly impact the society in which we live. As consumers, businesses and companies move away from private ownership of assets, we are slowly moving towards sharing assets.What exactly is collaborative consumption? According to collaborative lab, collaborative consumption is an economic model ... Read More

  • The Business of Fashion with Collette Dinnigan 25 Jun 2015

    As an avid follower of all things business and fashion, I was thoroughly looking forward to hearing Collette speak about her success as a Fashion Designer in a very global industry. As the first Australian Designer to have been invited to show on the official schedule of Ready to Wear Paris Fashion Week in 1995, her legacy has always been about breaking boundaries, but at the same time, she’s ... Read More

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