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  • Do You Have Soft Skills To Be In The Workplace Of The Future? 21 Nov 2017

    As the workforce moves deeper into a the age of automation, why is it so hard to find the right candidates with the right skills? While many graduates have adequate technical skills, a large percentage lack soft skills like innovative and critical thinking, change and stakeholder management, and a drive for results.  As graduation approaches for Master of Marketing students at the University ... Read More

  • Australia says, ‘YES!’ to Same-Sex Marriage! 20 Nov 2017

    I’ve never been so proud to be an Aussie. After a hard slog of heated debates and intense rallying, finally the postal vote survey results have given LGBTI+ Australians the right to same-sex marriage with a majority vote of 61%. As a student in the Master of Marketing Program, my mind automatically wonders, ‘What’s next?’. How will same-sex marriage affect people’s perceptions of brands? What ... Read More

  • Stranger Things: From Content to Merchandise 14 Nov 2017

    Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to is losing their mind for Stranger Things. There’s just something about the nightmare nostalgia that millennials can’t get enough of. Which is why it makes sense that Netflix are following in the footsteps of Disney and Lucasfilm to bless the world with Stranger Things merchandise. Image Source: Marketing Mag (Topshop) Netflix is cashing in on the release ... Read More

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