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  • 7 Student Hacks You Will Not Want To Miss!!! 28 Mar 2017

    Once more, we find ourselves at the beginning of a new semester and intensive classes have already begun. For most, it’s exciting, but for some returning to student life can be a little stressful! I know there are lots of new students who want to make the most of their time this semester, so to make things a little easier for you to understand, we invited our Program Manager Anna Forte, to share ... Read More

  • Food for Thought 24 Mar 2017

    As the winner of the ‘Discipline of Marketing Prize for the Best Consulting Project Proposal’, Donna Hudson shares her experience working with WWF-Australia. Currently in her second semester of the Master of Marketing program 2017, Donna had to opportunity to assist them with working towards one of their key goals of drastically reducing food waste before 2021.  Consulting Project for Reducing ... Read More

  • It’s Time To Get With The Program 22 Mar 2017

    Welcome to the future, fellow marketers!  Hi, I’m Alyce! As one of your new ‘Marketing Matters’ bloggers, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and my fellow bloggers- Bowie and Hazel. We want to welcome you to the University of Sydney, Business School’s official blog- your go-to source for all things marketing related. It’s always good to keep up-to-date. There are exciting ... Read More

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