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  • Personal Branding & Your Social CV 23 May 2016

    Life as we know it has changed from what it was a decade ago. Fast-forward to now and new tools of connection and education have arrived. The way we connect, learn and develop credentials is being turned upside down. While those native to the digital landscape have little problem moving through the learning curve of using and connecting, it seems few have realised the importance of these new ... Read More

  • Is the Consumer Always Right? 20 May 2016

    Image credit: A successful business is one with happy customers. The key element to earn customer loyalty is to consider the customer’s problems as your responsibility. Only then you can enjoy a wide network of happy customers, which brings business growth and success. “The customer is always right” is a well-known saying in the ... Read More

  • Digital Strategy and How to Measure ROI 17 May 2016

    Image credit: It is rare to find a business that improves at a desired pace if it is not making effective use of digital marketing. Digital marketing in the current era of internet and technology is essential for small to large sized businesses. This is why all major organisations hire a full team of digital marketers to ensure that their desired outcome can be achieved. ... Read More

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