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  • The dark side of collaborative consumption 27 Jul 2015

    The roots of collaborative consumption are deeply entrenched in the idea of a sharing economy. The act of sharing is hardwired into humans, but can be more prevalent in some societies and cultures than others. However, almost all cultures value sharing from a young age, with children being taught that sharing is good and should be encouraged. The idea of a sharing economy is certainly not a new ... Read More

  • Wrigley’s Extra and ‘The Bachelor’ 24 Jul 2015

    Wrigley’s Extra has become a major sponsor of The Bachelor, whilst undergoing a global rebrand. Wrigley’s Extra has decided to hop on board to sponsor The Bachelor as part of their global rebranding strategy for its main gum brand, Extra. The new look for Extra will incorporate aspects of pop culture and dating conversation through the new business relationship with Ten's The Bachelor ... Read More

  • Co-creation takes over at LEGO 21 Jul 2015

    One of the best recent examples of co-creation is LEGO, and its IDEAS website which allows customers to create new designs. The website was set up for LEGO enthusiasts who can both create, vote and give feedback on new projects. The projects that receive over 10,000 votes go into a review phase where senior LEGO employees decide if the product is viable for production. If the product is approved, ... Read More

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