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  • Flashback to Personal Branding 23 Jan 2015

    As an up-and-coming marketer, I find this blog a very good place to reflect upon personal experiences - especially those which come from realising I am seeing things in a new way, thanks to my education and new skills from the Master of Marketing program. One such experience has come from Sydney’s real estate market and my search for the perfect new home.That being said, I’ve come to modify my ... Read More

  • A Coup for Diversity – Tiffany & Co. Feature Same Sex Couple in New Ad 20 Jan 2015

    (Source: For an ad that has recently been on high rotation on the interwebs, it seems that Tiffany & Co. have hit the right mark by featuring a real same sex couple as part of their recent ad campaign for Tiffany engagement rings. Although it’s a little unfortunate that in this day and age we’re surprised when brands engage (pun fully intended) with the LGBT community (or any other ... Read More

  • The Kingsman Collection – A Fashion & Film First 14 Jan 2015

    Official film merchandising is no new concept, and especially for films with pre-existing fan communities (think Twilight and Harry Potter), or the potential to create new ones (Frozen anyone?). However, the scale of these merchandising agreements is usually quite large, and results in items that are often affordable for the average filmgoer. For this reason alone, upon hearing that Mr Porter ( ... Read More

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