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  • The importance of personal branding 4 May 2015

    Chances are, if you don’t cultivate your own brand these days you won’t be noticed. Worse still, failure to manage your own brand could result in someone else determining it for you! Branding has come a long way from its initial meaning as a mark of ownership, such as the branding mark you would find on cattle. It later became a guarantee of quality, as people would burn branding marks into ... Read More

  • The “Special” Anzac Centenary Issue – Will this be the end for Zoo Weekly? 30 Apr 2015

    Blonde cover model, Erin Pash is featured on the cover of ZOO Weekly’s most recent issue marking the centenary of Gallipoli. Bauer Media publication released the issue on the Monday ahead of the Anzac Day weekend, which included a 10-page feature, an interview with Ms. Pash and a list of “100 things every Aussie should know about Gallipoli”. In the interview, Ms. Pash was asked if she likes a ... Read More

  • Pret A Manger CEO reveals truth behind free coffee 27 Apr 2015

    Something interesting is happening in the stores of the coffee retailer Pret A Manger. Customers are being given drinks for free. Yes, you heard correctly, FREE coffee for customers!Shoppers have been left puzzled by the apparent generosity of the fastest growing coffee chain in the UK. After placing an order, some customers have been able to walk away without payment for no apparent reason. On ... Read More

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