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  • How to Give a Killer Presentation 23 May 2017

    As a marketer, have you thought about the importance of public speaking in your daily life? Whenever you are doing group work, in an interview, working on your consulting project, or pitching your ideas to your boss, it is so important to communicate your ideas persuasively and with clarity. The art of public speaking is not only about standing in front of a crowd confidently, it’s also about ... Read More

  • Learn to Fail like a #GirlBoss 18 May 2017

    Everybody loves a success story. But what’s interesting about Sophia Amoruso’s Netflix biopic ‘Girl Boss’ is that we already know the end of the story culminates with the bankruptcy of her fashion empire. Have you ever failed? Some people never fail because they’re too scared to try. For others, failing is a weekly, if not daily, event. One can only imagine how much worse it must feel to fail ... Read More

  • From sales and strategy to social innovation: where Master of Marketing led me 15 May 2017

    With many Master of Marketing (MoM) students graduating from the University of Sydney’s Business School soon, Marketing Matters is shining a light on some exceptional alumni. Will Wang is the first of two alumni in the graduation series to share where the Master of Marketing Program has led him and how it the consulting project in particular has benefited his career. Who is Will Wang? Hi MoM ... Read More

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