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  • Understanding People & Consumption: 10 Global Mega Trends to Watch 19 Nov 2015

    Coming to the end of another academic year we are pushed to go through some mentally challenging yet very relevant and interesting topics. As marketers we need to understand what is happening around us and need to up to date with the trends that will impact our careers on a global scale.  Today the Marketing industry is drastically different to what it was a decade ago. We now live in a ... Read More

  • Pret A Manger dares to be different this Christmas 16 Nov 2015

    The UK’s fastest growing coffee chain Pret A Manger has caused quite a stir this week with news that they will donate their entire Christmas digital marketing budget to charity. In the weeks leading to Christmas campaigns usually go in to overdrive to capture increased consumer spending. This year will be no different for Pret, but with another focus in mind. Shunning the traditional Christmas ... Read More

  • Top 20 decision-making biases and heuristics: Part II 10 Nov 2015

    In part II we continue our countdown of the twenty most common decision making biases and heuristics. 11. Loss aversion We kick off with experience of loss aversion, which has been tied to the endowment effect, sunk cost trap and even the status quo bias. The pain of losing is felt stronger relative to the pleasure of gaining. How much you ask? Almost twice as much! This makes people twice as ... Read More

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