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  • Stan's prediction for 2017 -- Brands should look into daring community management 17 Jan 2017

    Happy new year 2017 readers! I truly hope that you all have had an amazing holiday period and are settling back into work well. Looking into 2017, I was wondering what would change in the industry -- I mean, 2016 was a great year and content was amazing, but something bigger must surely be coming.For me, 2017 is going to rely heavily on content management. Brands need to stop with the generic ... Read More

  • Genius marketing behind Snapchat Spectacles 16 Dec 2016

    Snapchat Spectacles has been trending this past month for a number of reasons. For those of you that have not heard of them, I would recommend that you search them up right now -- especially if you are big on your Instagram game. In short, it is Snapchat’s first hardware product that they released initially on November 10 of this year. They are a pair of regular sunglasses that acts as a ... Read More

  • How marketing can help your next job interview 15 Dec 2016

    “In many ways, advertising is similar to applying for a job,” says Sharon Napier, CEO of advertising agency Partners + Napier. As marketers, we’re all trying to sell brands to consumers in the hope that they’ll throw it in their “shopping cart”, ask friends about it, or engage with it online. Think about a job application — we market ourselves through our CV and cover letter. The consumer (i.e ... Read More

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