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  • Neuromarketing: Where Science Meets Art 22 Sep 2017

    When we think of brands, if they are well positioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a logo or a unique message. Strong brands occupy a single place in our minds and their message is always consistent. Even more so, they evoke a feeling. Sounds pretty simple right? But in fact it’s a lot more complicated than that. Without much effort, most people are able to identify a brand’s ... Read More

  • Why We Should All Pay Attention To Blockchain 20 Sep 2017

    If you haven’t already heard of Blockchain or how it’s disrupting technology and industries, then it’s time to take note. With promises of increased accountability and transparent record keeping, smart contracts, secure decentralised payment systems, and token-based communities, Blockchain is set to bring about change, whether you like it or not. At the University of Sydney’s Business School, ... Read More

  • Why I Chose The Master Of Marketing 15 Sep 2017

    As a student at the University of Sydney Business School's Master of Marketing program, I’m confident that at the completion of my degree, I will have developed skills to take on a central role in helping to resolve marketing issues and critical business decisions head-on. The University of Sydney Business School, in collaboration with esteemed business leaders, developed the program to ... Read More

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