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  • Super Bowl: An advertisers dream 9 Feb 2016

    Super bowl Sunday has ended with the Denver Broncos beating the Carolina Panthers in what many fans have said to be one of the more dull finals in the games' fifty-year history. Fortunately, one thing that almost never disappoints is the half time show and accompanying advertisements that has become somewhat of an event in themselves, not only for fans of the sport but even for the casual viewer. ... Read More

  • What exactly is the ‘Internet of Things’? 28 Jan 2016

    For the last few years there has been a new phrase buzzing around the offices of many marketing departments. This phrase ‘Internet of Things’ is perhaps bigger than anyone yet dreams or realises. Last year it was reported that 51 per cent of marketing executives anticipate that the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) will revolutionise marketing practices by the year 2020. So what exactly is the IoT? ... Read More

  • Cadbury Creme Egg Catastrophe 18 Jan 2016

    The Cadbury Creme Egg has long since been a staple of Easter. The product itself has enjoyed somewhat of a cult following amassing more than 2.5 million people into its fan club. It therefore came as somewhat of a surprise that earlier this week the confectioner Cadbury announced that last year sales of its famous chocolate Creme Egg had fallen by over $12 million.Cadbury was purchased by the US ... Read More

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