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Himalayan Peaks 3rd ed  Parsons publication 14  Parsons Publication 13

Schemes, Takeovers and Himalayan Peaks (3rd ed)
by Tony Damian and Andrew Rich (eds)

International Commercial Law and Arbitration: Perspectives
by Nye Perram (ed)
(Publication 14)

 New Trends in Sharemarket Regulation
by RP Austin and IL von Kowalski (eds)
(Publication 13)

Parsons Publication 12

Parsons Publication 11

Parsons Publication 10

Restructuring Companies in Troubled Times: Director and Creditor Perspectives
by RP Austin and Fady JG Aoun (eds)
(Publication 12)

International Commercial Law, Litigation and Arbitration
by KE Lindgren and N Perram (eds)
(Publication 11)


The Takeovers Panel After 10 Years
by Jennifer G Hill and RP Austin (eds)
(Publication 10)

Parsons Publication 9

Parsons Publication 7

Parsons Publication 6

International Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution
by KE Lindgren (ed)
(Publication 9)

Directors in Troubled Times
by RP Austin and AY Bilski (eds) 
(Publication 7)

Investor Class Actions
by KE Lindgren (ed)
(Publication 6)

Parsons Publication 5

Parsons Publication 4

 Parsons Publication 3

The Credit Crunch and the Law
by RP Austin (ed)
(Publication 5)

Commercial Issues in Contract Law
by Greg Tolhurst and Elisabeth Peden (eds) 
(Publication 4)

Private Equity and Corporate Control Transactions
by RP Austin and AF Tuch (eds)
(Publication 3)

 Parsons Publication 2



Company Directors and Corporate Social Responsibility: UK and Australian perspectives
by RP Austin (ed) 
(Publication 2)



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