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Finding solutions to real-world problems

Our centres enable the sharing of knowledge and skills

We have more than 65 research centres, 12 ARC Centres of Excellence, 15 Cooperative Research Centres and are rated above world standard for 75 percent of almost 100 academic fields.

We believe game-changing discoveries and inventions depend on bringing the right people together in an environment that gives them room to innovate.

Every day this collaborative approach is embodied in our interdisciplinary research and teaching centres.

Each one is a place where the most gifted, skilled and daring thinkers can share their knowledge among peers and find solutions to local and global problems.

Here are just a few of the things we’re doing right now … 

  • Bringing mental health and dementia patients, support groups and frontline carers together with scientists and clinicians at the Brain and Mind Centre.
  • Focusing on our region’s food security and environmental challenges at the Centre for Carbon, Water and Food, Australia’s first multidisciplinary centre in this sphere.
  • Tackling some of the greatest health challenges humanity has ever faced: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and related conditions at the Charles Perkins Centre.
  • Building a greater understanding of China and its impact on Australia and the world at the China Studies Centre.
  • Collaborating with industry and the government to equip Australia’s leaders with project leadership and governance skills and capabilities at the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership.
  • Integrating cultural competence through innovative learning, teaching, research and engagement at our National Centre for Cultural Competence.
  • Drawing upon research from a wide range of social science and humanities disciplines to explore how we identify, live, and adapt in a changing landscape at the Sydney Environment Institute.
  • Bringing together academics, teachers and researchers to forge an innovative and engaged approach to the region that reflects its rich diversity and challenging problems at the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre.

Learn more about these centres and dozens more that are part of our research and teaching framework.