FuzME is a PC Windows program for calculation of Fuzzy k-means with/without extragrades. It is written in Fortran and compiled using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 under PC Windows environment. The program needs a "control file" which details the parameters for the fuzzy k-means algorithm and a "data file" containing the data. The program only works on system running under Windows 95/ NT or later.

"FuzME interface" is a Visual Basic program that helps to create the "control file" and runs the program. To run the program double click on the "FuzME interface.exe" icon.


FuzME is a publication of the Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture (ACPA). It is made available by the PA Lab.
If it is used for research or commercially please cite the following reference:
Minasny, B., McBratney, A.B., 2002. FuzME version 3.0, Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture, The University of Sydney, Australia.


The PA Lab has taken all care to ensure the program is operationally sound. However, Program FuzME is supplied 'as is' and no warranty is provided or implied. The PA Lab assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential that may result from the use of this program.

Download FuzME

Version 3.5c

Installation program (4.2 MB)
Save the program into your computer, unzip the file and run setup.exe.

Matlab code

Code in zip file (20 KB)
Save the program into your computer, unzip the file into a Matlab folder.