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Data science education

Educating the next generation of data scientists
We are striving to educate on two levels: to help create new cohorts of data scientists, and to educate domain experts within all faculties and various levels of knowledge and expertise, of the value of data science.

We deliver leading skills and capacity in data science and machine learning that are increasingly the drivers for the new digital economy. Critically, we will go a long way to ensure that all scientists will also be data scientists.

Through our partnerships with faculties and schools, we’re developing the methods, technologies and tools to translate data science for particular disciplines.

Postgraduate study

Master of Data Science

Our researchers directly deliver teaching in the Master of Data Science, a unique professional postgraduate program. This degree teaches professionals how to draw meaningful knowledge from data to drive business decision-making or research output.

PhD in Data Science

Please contact our researchers if you're interested in pursuing a doctorate in data science.

Executive education

Professional executive training

We are delivering executive education courses to industry to teach innovative data science methods and techniques. Partners include McKinsey and Associates, Quantum Black and IAG. If you're interested in accessing our world-leading data scientists to upskill your workforce, please contact us.