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Our research

Spanning fields from health to geology and autonomous systems
Our research focuses on three research themes: intelligent systems, personalised medicine, and scientific discovery.

Research strategy

We aim to tackle global research challenges across the spectrum of disciplines, with an initial focus on three research themes or ‘verticals’: intelligent systems; personalised medicine; and societal challenges, capitalising on the University’s areas of strength and opportunities for translational research.

Our domains of expertise are identified as ‘horizontals’: data integration and data fusion; the science of decision-making; and data ethics, law and policy.

A chart detailing the Centre's research strategy regarding data fusion, decision making and data science ethics

What the centre can offer to data science researchers

  • Opportunities for involvement and collaboration in challenging applications and cross-disciplinary projects. Cross-disciplinary projects, with translational outcomes, are increasingly important to external funding bodies such as the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council.
  • Channels and connections to industry engagements in translational applications of data science. The Centre for Translational Data Science can support engagement with a range of applications industries.

What the centre can offer to domain researchers

  • Access to skills in data science and opportunities to collaborate with leading experts in data mining, machine learning and statistics. Effective use of data coupled with modern data science methods will enable new approaches to research and discovery in every field of endeavour. The centre aims to help all researchers become better users of data and data science.
  • The centre can provide expertise for enabling delivery of data, algorithms and visualisations to projects.

Research themes

Research domains