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Dalyell Scholars program

For students with exceptional academic ability who want to be challenged

Exclusive to high achieving students with an ATAR (or equivalent) of 98+, the Dalyell Scholars program is an opportunity to challenge yourself alongside your most promising and talented peers.

What is the Dalyell Scholars program?

The Dalyell Scholars program enables you to draw on the rich interdisciplinary depth and breadth on offer at the University, cultivating the leadership and professional expertise to join the ranks of our distinguished global alumni.

The program allows you to collaborate and network with like-minded world influencers.

In addition to completing distinctive Dalyell units of study with other high achievers, you will have access to enrichment opportunities including:

  • acceleration to master's level study
  • access to specialised Language (Arts) and Mathematical Sciences (Science) programs
  • exclusive research and entrepreneurship programs
  • direct access to industry-based project learning
  • tailored mentoring and professional skill development to enhance your study and career opportunities
  • international experiences to develop your global perspectives, including a global mobility scholarship.

How do you enter the program?

Entry to the Dalyell Scholars program is by invitation or UAC preference, depending on the course you wish to pursue. 

1. Courses available by UAC preference

2. Courses avilable by invitation only

The following courses are also available to study through the Dalyell Scholars program and students will be invited to participate. 

Course list notes
'B' for 'Bachelor of'
'M' for 'Master of'
'D' for 'Doctor of'

Note: courses available as part of the Dalyell Scholars program are subject to change.

Faculty-specific opportunities

Dalyell Scholars in Business will have a breadth of opportunities available to propel you forward and be ready for a dynamic and internationally relevant career. 

Mentoring opportunities

Start to build your professional network whilst at university with our extensive mentoring program. What are the lessons and advice from senior high-achieving students, academics, and alumni from the Business School? Find out with this structured program, where you will have access to mentoring on student experience, scholarship and transitioning to your career, and community and civic engagement.

Professional skills workshops

Learn how to leverage your intellectual and personal strengths for maximum impact and career success from thought leaders and industry experts. Be ready for workplaces of the future by developing the key competencies and techniques you will need to be agile in dynamic business contexts.

Global Opportunities

Dalyell Scholars will have a range of opportunities to develop their cultural competence and knowledge of international business – first hand. Our network of partner universities means you will have access to leading Business Schools globally through short or long-term exchange programs. You may also choose to do an industry placement in Asia, USA, South America and Europe.  

Real-world projects

As a Dalyell Scholar you will have unique access to real business problems and live case studies with leading corporate, government and not for profit organisations. Learn to apply your skills and knowledge to develop viable solutions together with Executive leaders. 

Does the idea of engaging in some of the most complex ideas issues of our time appeal to you? As a Dalyell Scholar in the Arts and Social Sciences you will be extended opportunities to challenge yourself through distinctive Dalyell Scholars units of study and enrichment opportunities, sharpening your critical mind and preparing you for a resilient and agile career.

Dalyell Languages Program

Focus your studies on language acquisition and experiences through the Dalyell Language Program – unique and exclusive to Dalyell scholars. Broaden your understanding of languages and culture by unlocking advanced coursework in the later years of your degree. These coursework units are aimed at developing your cross-cultural skills and understanding and include specialised translation units. A highlight of the Dalyell Languages program is the opportunity to undertake a subsidised exchange for one or two semesters in the country of your language of interest.

Distinctive Dalyell units of study

Complement your studies with a range of enrichment opportunities. These include the opportunity to synthesise theory and practice by undertaking real-world projects in organisations such as the NSW Parliament, European Australian Business Council, Telstra, the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and the State Library of NSW. Extend yourself with Dalyell units of study that will sharpen your skills as an Arts and Social Sciences Scholar to interrogate, analyse, understand and question the biggest ideas and thinking of our time.

Engineers are behind some of the most creative solutions to problems throughout history. Accelerate your learning and challenge yourself as a Dalyell Scholar in Engineering and Information Technologies. Here are some examples of some of the opportunities available to you. 

Leadership Scholarship Program

Are you an emerging leader in Engineering? Take part in the structured and comprehensive Leadership Scholarship Program. This three-tiered program will begin by providing leadership development through workshops and seminars embedded in Advanced Engineering. You also have the opportunity to be mentored by industry leaders on your own research project as well as gaining real-world experience. This may mean collaborating virtually with international universities, volunteering, or taking on an industry placement.

Develop your skills through accelerated units

Enhance your leadership or entrepreneurial skills earlier in your degree through specialised units of study. Take advantage of units designed to challenge you as a Dalyell Scholar, including the Dalyell Computing units. These will offer you the opportunity to learn through project work with University researchers and industry leaders.

Global opportunities and real-world projects

Engineering solutions do not take place in isolation from the world they aim to progress.

The Engineering Without Borders Challenge: ‘Building a Sustainable World’ is an opportunity for you to develop key competencies in leadership, creative engineering design, ethics, teamwork, negotiation, and many more skills vital to be an engaged and successful engineer. Make your mark in the engineering world and be part of solving problems across borders with real-world impact.

As a high-achieving student, you will also have access to the Major Industrial Project Placement Scheme within the Faculty of Engineering Information Technologies. To produce your final year thesis you will be placed with a company in your field, many of which are overseas. 

As a Dalyell Scholar in Science you will have the opportunity to cultivate your scientific acumen and apply this to finding solutions to real-world problems through tailored units of study and programs. 

Dalyell Scholars Showcase

Science is a powerful tool to answer the big questions and investigate them from many angles. This Showcase allows you to take part in a Faculty-wide investigation into a topic of great importance or interest from your very first year. 

With a group of first year students, a third year group leader and a staff member, you will work towards finding an answer to a topic or question and present your findings to all others working on the project, academics, and members of the public in a Dalyell Scholars showcase event.

You will learn how to solve a scientific problem independently and critically, as well as develop other skills, such as working in a multi-faceted team that will prepare you for your career in science. 

Opportunities to mentor

In addition the mentoring you will receive, as a third year Dalyell Scholar, you will have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate effective leadership skills in facilitating a project by guiding a group of first year students as part of the Dalyell Scholars Showcase. 

Research opportunities

Through designated Dalyell units of study, you will strengthen your knowledge of research practices and equip yourself with the skills required to undertake rigorous scientific research. Additionally, you will work alongside your peers and be mentored by a researcher to undertake a research project that will count towards your degree. 

Global opportunities and real-world projects

As a Dalyell scholar, you will leave university having already engaged with the world ouside of it. Here are some examples of opportunities across disciplines:

  • Work with industry partners and peers from disciplines at the University of Sydney together with two universities in France to develop solutions to real-world problems as part of the Health Innovation Project
  • take part in a summer research experience in China where you will have the opportunity to spend four to six weeks working in the laboratory of a Chinese University. 

Dalyell Mathematics Program

Combine your interest in mathematics with other areas of science and technology. Develop skills like constructing computer models, analysing complex situations and logical thinking that will open up lucrative career paths. 

This program will help you to sharpen your ability to solve problems, think logically, construct mathematical and computer models, and research and analyse complex situations. These skills are highly sough after, and will open the doors to many satisfying and challenging careers. 

Who was Elsie Jean Dalyell?

A highly distinguished University of Sydney medical graduate, Elsie Jean Dalyell OBE (1881-1948) was the first full-time female academic in our Sydney Medical School. After travelling to London on a University scholarship and then serving in World War I, she conducted pioneering work with a medical team in Vienna, Austria, into childhood diseases. Her academic excellence and commitment to creating her own
path are hallmarks of our Dalyell Scholars