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Stuttering Lectures

Stuttering and its Treatment: Eleven Lectures

Lidcombe Program Guide

Lidcombe Program Severity Rating Chart NEW

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Lidcombe Program Treatment Guide UPDATED

Lidcombe Program checklist

Updated version coming soon

Lidcombe Program Brochures

Lidcombe Program Brochure (Online Version)

Lidcombe Program Brochure (Colour Print Version)

Lidcombe Program Brochure (Greyscale Print Version)

Lidcombe Program Brochure in German

Lidcombe Program Brochure in Vietnamese

Lidcombe Program Brochure in Simplified Chinese

Lidcombe Program Brochure in Traditional Chinese

Lidcombe Program Brochure in Polish

Lidcombe Program Brochure in Malay

Lidcombe Program Brochure in Farsi

Lidcombe Program Brochure in Hungarian

Lidcombe Program Brochure in Dutch

Lidcombe Program Brochure in French

Lidcombe Program Brochure in Italian

Clinicians are welcome to use these documents in their clinics.

Camperdown Program

Camperdown Program Treatment Guide 2016

Training Model - Adult Male

Training Model - Adult Female 1

Training Model - Adult Female 2

Training Model - Adult Transcript

Training model - Adolescent Male

Training Model - Adolescent Transcript

Measurement Scales 

Situations Measurement Chart

Daily Measurement Chart

Training Model Texts

Fluency Cycles Chart

Fluency Cycles Instructions

Problem Solving Suggestions

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If you still experience difficulties downloading the exemplars, please contact our office on 02 9351 9061.

Fluency Technique Samples

The fluency technique samples available for downloading here are meant as a general guide for speech pathologists using the Camperdown Program. As we wish to reinforce that there there is no definitive model for any particular fluency technique level, and that clients are encouraged to develop their own individualised technique, the samples are presented in general categories only. Those samples classified as "maximum" technique would be rated on the fluency technique scale somewhere between about 6-8; those samples classified as "moderate" technique would have ratings between about 3-5; and those classified as “minimal” technique would likely be around a 1-2. There are no examples of fluency technique 0 as this would be when a client uses no fluency technique at all.

Maximum Technique
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4

Moderate Technique
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Minimum Technique
Sample 1
Sample 2


Unhelpful Thoughts and Beliefs About Stuttering Scale

Archived versions of Treatment Guides

Lidcombe Program

Lidcombe Program Treatment Guide 2015

Lidcombe Program Treatment Guide 2014

Lidcombe Program Treatment Guide 2011

Lidcombe Program Treatment Guide 2010

Lidcombe Program Treatment Guide 2008

Camperdown Program

Camperdown Treatment Manual 2010