The primary focus of the Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation Unit is exercise testing and exercise therapy for clinical populations who manifest an underlying disease or disability.

The research activities of this Unit are diverse. They include:

Two people cycling
  • the inter-relationships amongst physical disability, exercise capacity and degree of handicap in cardiac and neurologic populations and
  • exercise training and functional rehabilitation utilising assistive technologies.

The Unit is an international centre for functional electrical stimulation (FES) leg exercise and gait training in sub-acute and chronic spinal cord-injured patients.

Team members contribute to the study of potential benefits after Activity-Based Therapy for a broad range of patient groups, including:

  • hemiplegic stroke;
  • spinal cord injury;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • cardiac populations and
  • multiple sclerosis

embers or our Unit have a broad interest in how technology, either assistive technology or assessment technology, may interact with an individual's ability to gain functional improvements through exercise therapy.