About us

Man running on treadmill with breathing apparatus

The Applied Physiology team focuses on the acute responses and adaptations to stressful stimuli (typically exercise) that challenge homeostatic regulatory control mechanisms in humans.

Research ranges from exercise training studies of elite athletes to those individuals with limited exercise capacity as a consequence of sedentary lifestyle, chronic disease and physical disability.

The team has expertise in both animal and human models, ranging from whole body measures to the cellular and molecular level. Team members have established international links with leading research institutions in Asia, Europe and North America.

The team has a particular research interest in exercise metabolism, heat stress, limiting factors to prolonged exercise performance, ergogenic aids and sports performance, muscle damage and fatigue.

Well-equipped laboratory facilities (Exercise Biochemistry Laboratory and a Climate Chamber) coupled with a range of techniques (muscle histology, IVGTT and insulin response, S-R calcium regulation, mitochondrial function) enhance the research productivity of the team.