Biological imaging, a fundamental component of health care systems and laboratory research is undergoing unprecedented change where imaging techniques and modalities along with analytical tools are being developed to display biological tissues and processes in novel visual and quantitative ways.

Our multidisciplinary investigators and collaborators, consisting of clinicians, radiographers, biologists, computer specialists, biomedical engineers, psychologists and visual scientists are optimising and validating current and new imaging methods whilst investigating the perception and interpretation of resultant images.

Our specific research interests include:

  • image perception and interpretation
  • optimisation strategies in diagnostic imaging with particular focus on breast imaging
  • development and evaluation of innovative approaches to diagnostic imaging
  • automated measures of disease and treatment response
  • foetal imaging, foetal cardiology and assessment of foetal health
  • patient-centred approaches to clinical imaging from birth to old age

Our papers are well received in high-ranking journals and accepted at all the leading conferences. Our applications for external funding have a good success and our research findings have an important impact on scientific and clinical practice.