Research at the Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences is a world leader in health sciences research across the spectrum of health, disability, functioning and rehabilitation. In line with Government priorities for 'promoting and maintaining good health', we are committed to preventative health and to improving quality of life of individuals and families who experience impairment, injury, illness, chronic health conditions or disability.

We achieve this through our focus on multidisciplinary research of the highest quality, through collaborations with research colleagues, industry and not-for-profits nationally and internationally, and a passion for cultivating the next generation of allied health researchers.

Featured Research
Communication and speech disorders

Communication and speech are fundamental to everyday life. We build our social and occupational networks around being able to communicate with others. Many of us take this for granted, but one in seven Australians cannot, due to a communication disorder. Whether temporary or permanent, these conditions can have a devastating impact on quality of life.

Our researchers are passionate about finding the best ways to improve the outcomes of people with communication disorders. They are pioneering new models of intervention, treatment and support.