Research at the Faculty of Health Sciences

The big picture

Our research is driven by the big picture. We take a problem and look at it from all angles, combining the expertise and talents of scholars and students from diverse disciplines.

Our University research centres bring together a number of leading scholars from multiple disciplines, all focused on improving the quality of life of individuals and families who experience injury, illness, chronic health conditions and disability. By uniting expertise across disciplines and key University research centres, we make a real difference to our understanding of today’s world. Some research highlights include the following.

Our researchers, in collaboration with BreastScreen NSW and the Sydney Breast Clinic, have designed a web‐based program that improves radiologists’ skills in detecting breast cancer. The program has been used by 95 percent of radiologists in Australia.

Together with the Brain and Mind Centre, our researchers are addressing one of Australia’s biggest social and economic health challenges – the decline in goal‐directed decision‐making of people with psychiatric diseases, neural degeneration, addiction and stroke.

Our researchers are measuring the physical capabilities of 1000 Australians aged between three and 100. This groundbreaking project improves the understanding of human variation of the healthy population across the lifespan. The database will be shared internationally by the University of Sydney via a free online portal.

We are committed to finding the cause of childhood stuttering. Our researchers at the Australian Stuttering Research Centre and the Brain and Mind Centre are scanning babies’ brains to find whether anomalies in neural speech processing, which affects people’s ability to make muscular movements with their mouths, are present at birth.

Our experts

At the Faculty of Health Sciences, our experts reach across academic fields to find unique solutions that transform lives.

Our research has profoundly impacted the health and wellbeing of people in both our local and international communities.

We are committed to preventative health and to improving the quality of life of individuals and families who experience impairment, injury, illness, chronic health conditions or disability.

Our next generation of researchers

x-ray machine

Ernest Usang Ekpo is an international PhD candidate at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Sydney University. "Medical imaging research is the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, visual science and professional practice. My research in optimal imaging will improve the performance of radiography and radiology services, especially in relation to diagnosis and care of breast cancer patients."