Girl undergoing sleep study

The research of the Delta Sleep Research Unit revolves around sleep health, diet circadian timing and exercise.

"You have only to mention sleep and a conversation on the topic would flow incessantly. Sleep affects our life in an intimate way, just as does our breathing. To spend a third of our life asleep seems a waste of our precious life in a world that is highly time conscious. Yet we need our sleep. When our body clock sends out its sublime signals, we dutifully surrender to sleep and are content to enter into a world of oblivion and hopefully, for most people, bliss. Sleep remains a mystery which undoubtedly, with time, scientists will unravel" Chin Moi Chow

Dr. Chow has a special interest in exploring how diet, exercise and the circadian timing of sleep and waking may influence health. She wants to explore solutions that will promote sleep health and enable the best possible quality sleep time for individuals with sleep difficulties, anxiety or those with disrupted sleep-wake rhythms such as the shift worker. Dr. Chow views sleeping well as a holistic matter requiring a holistic approach.