SCIL is comprised of an extraordinary group of University of Sydney researchers, known as Associates. It also benefits from the support and engagement of an eminent global group of advisors (our 'Advisory Board').


Irene Baghoomians Chester Brown
Irene Baghoomians Professor Chester Brown


Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson, Senior Lecturer and expert in private international law and international criminal law.

Irene Baghoomians

Irene Baghoomians is a Senior Lecturer and expert in international human rights law having experience in litigation of civil rights and human rights cases.

Vivienne Bath

Professor Vivienne Bath is an expert in the Law of International Business Transactions and in Chinese Law.

Ben Boer

Emeritus Professor Ben Boer, formerly Professor in Environmental Law; expert in international environmental law, including sustainable development law, Asian Pacific environmental law and natural and cultural heritage law; Deputy Chair, IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law.

Chester Brown

Professor Chester Brown is Professor of International Law and International Arbitration, and an expert on public international law, international dispute settlement, international investment law and international commercial arbitration.

Simon Butt

Professor Simon Butt is an expert in Indonesian law, with research interests in comparative law.

Emily Crawford

Dr Emily Crawford is a Senior Lecturer, specializing in International Humanitarian Law.

Mary Crock

Professor Mary Crock, Professor of Public Law and expert in international law and human rights law, especially migration, citizenship and refugee law.

Mary Crock

Professor Terry Carney, specialising in welfare law, has contributed extensively to international legal scholarship on social security, mental health and drug law.

Charlotte Epstein

Professor Charlotte Epstein is an Associate Professor in the Department of Government and International Relations and her interests are in the areas of international relations (IR) theory and political theory, particularly in critical security studies, post-colonial, post-structuralist and feminist approaches; and her key foci are 'sovereignty' and the 'state'. She is also interested in global environmental politics, North-South relations and the overlaps between international trade and the environment.

Salim Farrar

Dr Salim Farrar is an Associate Professor in public international law and criminal procedure, with a special interest in human rights, Islamic law and comparative criminal justice in Asia.

Peter Gerangelos

Professor Peter Gerangelos lectures in federal constitutional law, advanced constitutional law, litigation and federal jurisdiction. He also has extensive experience in a range of civil and public law litigation in the superior courts and the conduct of large civil prosecutions on behalf of the Commonwealth relating to revenue and commercial issues.

Jennifer Hill

Professor Jennifer Hill is Professor of Corporate Law. She is known for her work in comparative corporate law and governance and international financial market regulation.

Justin Hogan Doran

Justin Hogan-Doran is a Barrister in private practice in Sydney. He lectures in public and private international law and coached the winning Jessup Mooting team in 2007. Justin is an Army Reserve Officer, attached to the ADF Military Law Centre.

 Dr Grant Hooper

Dr Grant Hooper, Grant was a partner in an international law firm. He now specialises in teaching and researching in administrative, public and torts law. Grant’s work, particularly in administrative law, means that he has a keen interest in comparative analysis as well as migration and international human rights.

Helen Irving

Professor Helen Irving is Professor of Constitutional Law and expert in federal constitutional law, comparative constitutionalism, and gender and constitution-making.

Malcolm Jorgensen

Malcolm Jorgensen is a PhD candidate in American foreign policy and international law at the United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney. His research focuses on the interaction between foreign policy ideologies and strategic interests in shaping United States international law policy.

David Kinley

Professor David Kinley, Professor of Human Rights Law and expert in human rights and corporate responsibility, the World Trade Organisation, World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Miiko Kumar

Miiko Kumar is a Barrister and a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney. Miiko teaches both compulsory and elective courses in Evidence and Procedure.

Bing Ling

Bing Ling is a Professor of Chinese Law, he was a professor and founding member of the Faculty of Law of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was admitted to the Bar of PRC in 1990. His current research interest is in the Chinese practice and perspectives on international law.

Rosemary Lyster

Professor Rosemary Lyster, expert in Asian Pacific environmental, international environmental law and international energy law, especially in relation to climate change.

Roger Magnusson

Professor Roger Magnusson is an expert in health law and in public health law with, an interest in global health governance and in legal response to epidemics.

Ron McCallum

Professor Ron McCallum is Professor of Industrial Law and an expert in labour and employment law.

Shae McCrystal

Associate Professor Shae McCrystal has interests in labour and employment law, including international labour law.

Jacqueline Mowbray

Dr Jacqueline Mowbray, is a Senior Lecturer with a particular interest in international law and legal theory, with a focus on both international human rights law and international commercial issues.

Luke Nottage

Professor Luke Nottage, expert in comparative and transnational contract law, product liability, international arbitration and corporate governance especially in relation to Japan.

Alison Pert

Dr Alison Pert lectures in public international law and has a special interest in the use of armed force and Australia’s compliance with its treaty commitments.

James Renwick

Dr James Renwick, SC is a former Fulbright Scholar, with a doctorate from Sydney University. He is Senior Counsel at the NSW Bar. He is a pioneer of the teaching and practice of national security law in Australia. He holds a commission as Captain in the Royal Australian Naval Reserve, and is the head of the Sydney Naval Reserve Panel. He has most recently published articles on the topics of terrorism trials, the ANZUS Treaty, and dealing with radicalisation in Australia. He is a part time member in the NSW Civil and Administrative Appeal Tribunal (Appeal and Occupational Divisions).

Professor Simon Rice

Professor Simon Rice, Simon Rice, OAM, is an expert in human rights law, equality and anti-discrimination law as well as Australia’s compliance with its international human rights treaty obligations.

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Associate Professor David Rolph has research interests in private international law, especially multi-state torts.

Ben Saul

Professor Ben Saul, Professor and barrister, specialises in public international law, especially terrorism, use of force, humanitarian law, human rights, refugees and the United Nations.

Tim Stephens

Professor Tim Stephens, Professor of International Law, ARC Future Fellow and expert in international dispute resolution, international courts and tribunals, international environmental law and the law of the sea.

Anne Twomey

Professor Anne Twomey has interests in public international law and comparative constitutional law, especially issues concerning federal systems of governance.

Dr Deborah Whitehall

Dr Deborah Whitehall is a lecturer who researches the history and theory of public international law. 

Dr Brett Williams

Dr Brett G. Williams is the principal in the law firm Williams Trade Law. He is a specialist in International Regulation of Trade, especially the law of the World Trade Organization and bilateral and regional trade agreements. He has extensive experience as a teacher, researcher and technical assistance consultant in international trade law and policy. He has taught World Trade Organization law at the University of Sydney Faculty of Law since 2001. He has also taught World Trade Organization law for the Australian National University (2013-2015), Chinese University of Hong Kong (2010-2012), University of North Carolina (2004-2006), William and Mary College (1996-98) and the University of Adelaide (1996).  

Management Committee

SCIL is managed by a committee comprised of the following Associates: Chester Brown, Emily Crawford, Mary Crock, David Kinley, Luke Nottage, Ben Saul and Tim Stephens.

Advisory Board

Emeritus Professor Ivan Shearer AM, RFD, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney, Chair of the Advisory Board

Professor Philip Alston, New York University School of Law

Dr Rosalie Balkin, Legal Director, International Maritime Organization

Mr Bill Campbell QC, Office of International Law, Australian Attorney-General’s Department

Professor Christine Chinkin, Department of Law, London School of Economics

Professor James Crawford SC, Faculty of Law, Cambridge University

Dr Michael Fullilove, Executive Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy, Sydney; Nonresident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution, Washington, DC

HE Judge C Weeramantry, Former Judge of the International Court of Justice; Director, Weeramantry International Centre for Peace Education and Research, Colombo

Professor Yasuhei Taniguchi, Senshu University Law School; former Chair of the WTO Appellate Body


Anish Bhasin (S2, 2007) Jason Wong (S2, 2011)
Lily Tsen (S2, 2007) Samantha Brown (S1, 2012)
Naomi Hart (S1, 2008) Anna Gudkov (S1, 2012)
Claire McEvilly (S1, 2008) Diana Hu (S1, 2012)
Ben Wahlhaus (Intensive, 2008) Nathan Li (S1, 2012)
Alicia Lyons (S2, 2008) Camille Crowther(S2, 2012)
Danielle Mawer (S2, 2008) Bo An Lu (S2, 2012)
Naomi Oreb (Intensive, 2009) Nicholas Condylis (S2, 2012)
Sadhana Abayasekara (Intensive, 2009) Alice Gardoll (S1, 2013)
Natasha Kassam (S1, 2009) Sarah Schwartz (S1, 2013)
Alice Yan (S1, 2009) David Hertzberg (S2, 2013)
Sue Soueid (S1, 2009) Soo Young Choi (S2, 2013)
Tina Jelenic (S1, 2009) Lucy Cameron (S1, 2014)
Matthew Kalyk (S2, 2009) Ellie Wolfenden (S1, 2014)
Callista Harris (S2, 2009) Georgina Meikle (S2, 2014)
Samuel Thampapillai (Intensive, 2010) Tom McClintock (S2, 2014)
Ramya Krishnan (S1, 2010) Nicola Alroe (S1, 2015)
David Lewis (S1, 2010) Bowen Fox (S1, 2015)
Christopher Pearce (S1, 2010) Ellen Moore (S2, 2015)
Emily Raftos (S1, 2010) Musood Darwish (S2, 2015)
Emily Christie (S2, 2010) Kirsten Gan (S1, 2016)
Emma Hunt (S2, 2010) William Khun (S1, 2016)
Nithya Ramesh (S2, 2010) Stephanie Abi-Hanna (S2, 2016)
Andrew Yeoum (S2, 2010) Cassandra Smith (S2, 2016)
Claire Burke (S1, 2011) Harry Rogers (S1, 2017)
Steve Hind (S1, 2011) Grant Kynaston (S1, 2017)
Ishani Jayaweera (S1, 2011) Rhys Carvosso (S2, 2017)
Daniel MacPherson (S1, 2011) Helen Chen (S2, 2017)
Kate Bones (S2, 2011)  
Georgina Hutton (S2, 2011)  
Bryce Williams (S2, 2011)