Paper in Mental Health, Religion & Culture
  • Tiliopoulos, N. & Crawford, G. (2007) Three-factor model of schizotypal personality in a British Christian sample. Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 10(6), 563-569.

    The three-factor structure of schizotypy, as measured through the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire (SPQ), was assessed in a non-clinical Christian sample of 161 British adults from a wide range of denominational backgrounds. Participants were recruited through non-random purposive sampling. The trifactor model was unambiguously replicated. Furthermore, the SPQ exhibited excellent internal consistencies (range 0.73 to 0.97), while Confirmatory Factor Analysis and cross-instrument comparisons with Eysenck's Psychoticism scale indicated that elements of its convergence and discriminant validities were highly acceptable. Although this study identified some minor issues that require attention, overall, the SPQ appears to be a rather powerful and highly stable measure of schizotypy that can reliably be used in schizophrenia-related research with Christians.