Paper in Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller E.K. Inc.
  • Kleitman, S. (2008) Metacognition in the Rationality Debate. Self-confidence and its Calibration. Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller E.K. Inc., Publishers.

    Effective decision-making relies on both feeling confident about the decision and realistically assessing its accuracy. This book presents the results of several large-scale studies of test-taking situations in which people stated their level of confidence in their answers. These judgments were internally stable and habitual across different typical and novel cognitive domains. Self-perception of the competency of the fundamental cognitive abilities predicted confidence levels; these levels were compared with the actual results, indexing the quality of Self-monitoring processes. Errors in confidence ratings were consistent, habitual, and linked with particular heuristic modes of thinking; these errors reflected the irrationality that plagues metacognitive processes. By determining the status of confidence judgments and their calibration within the cognitive/metacognitive taxonomy and their psychological determinates, this book demonstrates that both phenomena reside at the metacognitive/rational level. This book will be valuable to psychology and education professionals, and to anyone interested in understanding decision-making processes and their underlying intrapersonal factors.