Paper in Mental Health, Religion & Culture
  • Hancock, L. & Tiliopoulos, N. (2010). Religious attachment & schizotypal personality traits. Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 13, 261-265.

    This brief pilot study explored associations between religious attachment (RA) and schizotypy in a nonclinical Christian sample (N1/496). Participants responded to questionnaires assessing the above constructs, as well as adult attachment and neuroticism. Religious attachment accounted for 15.2% of the variance in cognitive schizotypy. Anxious religious attachment uniquely predicted cognitive schizotypy, while its effects on other schizotypy traits were accounted for by adult attachment effects. Schizotypy research may benefit from considering attachment relationships in the religious domain. Should our findings be extended and replicated, they may aid the development of interventions, tailored for specific religious populations, which could improve treatment outcomes for schizotypal or schizophrenic individuals.