Paper in Social Psychology
  • Gonsalkorale, K., Allen, T.J., Sherman, J.W. and Klauer, K.C. (2010) . Mechanisms of group membership and exemplar exposure effects on implicit attitudes. Social Psychology, 41(3), 158-168.

    This research examines the mechanisms underlying group-based differences in implicit attitudes and malleability of implicit attitudes resulting from exposure to exemplars. We tested whether these effects are due to differences in activated associations or to the regulation of those associations. In Study 1, Black participants exhibited less pro-White bias and activation of pro-White and anti-Black associations compared with White participants. In Study 2, exposure to positive Black and negative White exemplars produced lower pro-White bias and less activation of biased associations. These findings indicate that group-based differences in implicit attitudes and exemplar exposure effects reflect variability in and malleability of automatic associations. Implications for understanding the role of contact on intergroup attitudes are discussed.