Paper in Transpersonal Psychology Review
  • Tiliopoulos, N.,Francis, L.J., and Slattery, M. (2011). Attitude toward religion and happiness: Exploring the link among Hindu Bunts in South India. Transpersonal Psychology Review, 14, (2), 25 - 29.

    Working within Christian and Jewish contexts, a series of recent studies has demonstrated a link between a positive attitude toward religion and happiness. In order to examine whether this finding also held true in a Hindu context, a sample of 100 Hindu affiliates from the Bunt caste in south India completed the Santosh-Francis Scale of Attitude towards Hinduism alongside the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire. The data demonstrated a significant association between happiness and a positive attitude toward religion, after controlling for individual differences in age and sex. On the basis of this finding, it is now possible to claim empirical support for the positive link between attitude toward religion and happiness in a Hindu context, as well as in Christian and Jewish contexts.