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A biographical register of Australian colonial musical personnel–Q

Dr GRAEME SKINNER (University of Sydney)


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QUIN, Alfred

Violin player, conductor

QUIN, Frederick

Violoncello player

Both arrived Brisbane, QLD, 9 November 1873 (per Runnymede, from London, 6 August)
Active Brisbane, QLD, ? until early 1880s


"SHIPPING", The Brisbane Courier (10 November 1873), 2

[Advertisement], The Brisbane Courier (13 November 1873), 1

"MADAME MALLALIEU", The Brisbane Courier (9 March 1874), 2

MADAME MALLALIEU, long the deservedly favorite pianiste of Brisbane, will take her annual benefit at the School of Arts this evening ... The performance will be under the leadership of Mr. Jefferies, and among the professional musicians to be present may be mentioned Madame Osborne, Messrs. Frederick and Alfred Quin, and Mr. Dignan ...

"Musical Societies. TO THE EDITOR", The Brisbane Courier (28 January 1878), 3

"Music", The Brisbane Courier (31 December 1879), 5

"Music", The Brisbane Courier (2 March 1881), 6

"Music", The Queenslander (28 October 1882), 580

I understand it is in contemplation to organise an orchestral society in Brisbane, under the direction of Mr. Alfred Quin, for the practice of symphonies, overtures, concertos for solo instruments with accompaniments for orchestra, operatic selections, and so on. I heartily wish the new society success. It will supply a want now much felt amongst amateur instrumentalists who are anxious to make themselves acquainted with purely orchestral writings - an advantage hitherto denied them. The society need not in any way intrench upon the good work now being done by the Musical Union: on the contrary, the increased practice and readiness which will be acquired by the members will render them more efficient as executants, and should be thus a distinct gain to the old society, to which it ought to be a willing handmaid. The number of instrumentalists in Brisbane is now largely increased, so that this opportunity for general practice will, no doubt, be eagerly embraced, and the concerts of the society will serve to place it upon a sound financial basis.

"AMUSEMENTS", The Queenslander (3 March 1883), 336 

For his violin solo, Mr. Quin had selected the second concerto of De Beriot, and, whether from the favourable acoustic properties of the hall, or because he was in extra good form, Mr. Quin appeared to excel himself. This favourite composition has rarely been better rendered in the colony, and this painstaking artist has seldom been heard to better advantage.

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QUIN, Michael

Bugler (21st Regiment)

Active Perth, WA, 1835


"MAGISTRATE'S COURT", The Perth Gazette (22 August 1835), 549

Michael Quin, a bugler in H. M.'s 21st Regt, was, charged with having taken away three planks of native mahogany, the property of William Ward ...

"MAGISTRATE'S COURT", The Perth Gazette (29 August 1835), 555

QUINN, Michael

Bandmaster (18th Royal Irish Regiment)

Active Australia, March-August 1870 (en route from New Zealand to England)


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QUON, Ah-Lok

"Chinese theatrical performer and singer"

Active Castlemaine, 1861


"NEW INSOLVENTS", Bendigo Advertiser (6 July 1861), 2

Quon ah Lok, of Castlemaine, Chinese theatrical performer, and singer, now a prisoner in Her Majesty's gaol, Sandhurst. Causes of insolvency-An adverse judgment in County Court, and pressure of creditors, Assets, £66; liabilities, £456.4s.; deficiency, £390. 4s."

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