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George Sippe

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SIPPE, George

Master of the band of the 57th Regiment, Professor of Music, clarinettist, pianist, violoncellist, director (Sydney Amateur Concerts), leader of the theatrical band, licensed victualer

Born UK (? Edinburgh, Scotland, or Kerry, Ireland), ? c.1793
Arrived Sydney, NSW, 21 March 1826 (per Sesostris, from Portsmouth, 30 November 1825)
Retired from regiment, Sydney, NSW, by 1 March 1831
Died Sydney, NSW, 1842, aged "??" (TROVE tagged by Australharmony)

See also on Band of the 57th Regiment 



[Advertisement], Caledonian Mercury (17 March 1787), 1

ST. CECILIA'S HALL. On WEDNESDAY, March 21, 1787, will be performed A CONCERT Of VOCAL & INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, For the Benefit of Mr. SCHETKY ... ACT I ... Faber's Favourite Concerto on the Oboe, Mr. SIPPE ...

Register of marriages of the city of Edinburgh, 1787

1787, July 18. John Andrew Sippe, musician in the 56th regiment, High Kirk p., and Susannah, same p., d. of Balthasar Knie, weather-glass maker.

Marriages solemnized in the parish of St. George Colgate, in the city of Norwich, in the year 1814, page 14, no 40

George Sippee of this parish bachelor, and Mary Ann Banton of this parish spinster, were married in this church by banns this 25th day of December in the year 1814 ...

"MARRIED", The Suffolk Chronicle (31 December 1814), 4

Sunday last, at St. George's Colgate, Norwich, Mr. G. Sippe, Master of the East Norfolk Band, to Miss M. A. Banton, of the same place.

Mary Ann (BANTON), born Norwich, England, 29 April 1795; died Sydney, NSW, 14 February 1837

Baptisms solemnized in the parish of Great Yarmouth in the county of Norfolk in the year 1816, page 278

No. 2224, 16 June, George, s. of George and Mary Sippe, Yarmouth, Musician ...

George Sippe, junior, died Dungog, NSW, 18 January 1889

"TRALEE, JAN. 27.", Dublin Evening Post (30 January 1817), 2

This was the day appointed for a meeting of the inhabitants ... to consider the best means of affording relief to the poor ... the Rev. Mr. Day was handed two letters, one from Mr. Lacy, offering the gratuitous aid of his Company and the Theatre, for a night's performances, for the benefit of the Poor; the other from Mr. Sippe, master of the Kerry Band, expressive of their wish to attend gratuitously to play during the night of Performance, if Mr. Lacy's offer was accepted. Mr. Lacy and Mr. Sippe are both strangers in this town.

George's father, Andrew Sippe

Baptisms solemnized in the parish of Great Yarmouth in the county of Norfolk in the year 1817, page 47

No. 371, 18 April, William Thomas, s. of George and Mary Ann Sippe, Yarmouth, Musician ...

[Advertisement], Norfolk Chronicle (6 September 1817), 2


[Advertisement], Bury and Norwich Post (10 September 1817), 3

[Advertisement], Bury and Norwich Post (27 September 1817), 2

[Advertisement], Bury and Norwich Post (8 October 1817), 3

As above

[Advertisement], Norfolk Chronicle (11 March 1820), 2

THE NORWICH AND NORFOLK HARMONIC SOCIETY CONCERTS ... the Third Concert will take place at the Assembly Rooms, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, March 15th, 1820 ... PART I.
GLEE - THYRSIS - Dr. Callcott.
SONG, Mr. FISHER - "And has she then fail'd - Bishop.
CONCERTO - Geminiani.
DUET - Mrs. CARD and Mr. C. FISHER - "Together let us" - Dr. Boyce.
SONG - Mr. FRENCH - "The Tempest" - Horsley.
OVERTURE - "Le Jeune Henrie" - Mehul. (Never Performed in Norwich.)
Cherubini's Celebrated OVERTURE to ANACREON
GLEE - "Queen of the Valley" - Dr. Callcott.
SONG - Mrs. CARD - "Come hope, thou Queen" - Dr. Arne.
Divertimento Clarionett Obligato - Mr. Sippe.
SONG - Mr. FISHER - "The Soldier's Dream" - Attwood.
GLEE & CHORUS - (Finale) - "When through life" From Irish Melodies - E. Woodward ...

[Advertisement], Suffolk Chronicle (5 August 1820), 2

YARMOUTH grand Musical Festival, 1820 ... PRINCIPAL INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMERS: First Violin, Mr. EAGER; Second Violin, Mr. COOPER; Violoncello, Mr. LINDLEY; Double Bass, Mr. GILKES; FLute, Mr. CARD; Clarionet, Mr. SIPPE; And Trumpet, Mr. VINCENT; Harp and Grand Piano Forte, Miss EAGER. Mr. BUCK will preside at the Organ ...

[Advertisement], Bury and Norwich Post (9 August 1820), 3

"YARMOUTH, Aug. 17. MUSICAL FESTIVAL", Norfolk Chronicle (19 August 1820), 3

... The Instrumental Band, although it had not the advantage of being aided by many London professors, was fully equal to its arduous duties, and was very ably conducted by Mr. Eager. The gentleman's Obligato accompaniment in Guglielmi's beautiful song "Ah compir," received loud applause. Mr. Sippe also, in "Gratias agimus tibi," deserves great praise. We have now to speak of Mr. Lindley's exquisite Concertos on the Violoncello ...The arrangement of the different selections was most judicious; due attention was given to the difference of tastes in musical hearers, and an agreeable intermixture of grave and gay was perceivable throughout. One fault they had, they were too long. This is impolite in a single performance; in a series of Concerts it is still more so ...

P. A. Guglielmi's Gratias agimus tibi, with clarinet obligato; vocal score, US edition: (DIGITISED)

[Advertisement], Norfolk Chronicle (7 April 1821), 2

MR. CARD RESPECTFULLY informs the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public in general, that his BENEFIT CONCERT WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE CONCERT ROOM, SAINT GEORGE'S BRIGHT, On FRIDAY, April 15th, 1821 ... Leader of the Band - Mr. FISH. Principal Second Violin, Mr. PERRY. FLute, Mr. CARD. Clarinet, Mr. SIPPE. Violoncello, Mr. TRORY. Double BASS. Mr. WOODWARD.
GRAND SINFONIA - MS - No. 12 - Perry.
GLEE, Four Voices - "When wearied Wretches." Bishop.
SONG - Mr. WILLIAMS - "Gentle Lyre" Horsley.
DUET - Miss GASKILL and Mrs. CARD - "Sull' aria" Mozart.
AIR with Variations - Violoncello Obligato - Mr. TRORY - Muntsberger.
CAVATINA - Mrs. CARD - "Di piacer mi balza il cor." Rossini.
The celebrated Sestett, from the Pirates - "Hear Oh Hear." Storace.
GLEE, Five Voices - "Blest pair of Syrens." Stafford Smith.
SONG, Mr. FRENCH - "Fast into the Waves." Bishop.
CONCERTO FLUTE, MS. - Mr. CARD, In which will be introduced the the favorite Scotch Air of "Ye Band and Braes of bonny Down" - Card.
DUET, Mrs. CARD and Mr. WILLIAMS - "This fond Sorrow." Storace.
SONG, Miss GASKILL - "Lo here the gentle lark." - Bishop.
GRAND FINALE to the first Act, of Don Giovanni ...

[Advertisement], Norfolk Chronicle (11 August 1821), 3

ASSIZE WEEK. RANELAGH GARDENS ... MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT OF Vocal & Instrumental Music ... LEADER OF THE BAND, Mr. T. P. WATKINS, From His Majesty's Concerts of Antient Music and Covent Garden Theatre; Assisted by Persons of known reputation ... FOR THE MORNING CONCERTS, Mr. CARD has kindly undertaken to PLAY a CONCERTO ON THE FLUTE. Mr. SIPPE will also play A CONCERTO ON THE CLARINETT ...

Burials in the parish of Great Yarmouth in the county of Norfolk in the year 1822, page 118

No. 944, Matilda Sippe, Yarmouth, February 10, Inf. ...

Matilda, d. of George and Mary Ann Sippe, had been baptised on 5 February

[Advertisement], Norfolk Chronicle (31 August 1822), 2

NORWICH Grand Musical Festival OCTOBER SESSIONS WEEK, 1822 ... GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERTS At The THEATRE ROYAL ... A SELECTION OF SACRED MUSIC From the Works of the most eminent Masters And on Thursday Morning, Handel's celebrated Serenata, "ACIS & GALATEA" ... Leader of the Band, Mr. Henry Smart. Principal Second Violins, Mr. WAGSTAFFE & Mr. C. FISHER. Violas, Messrs. F. WARE & WATKINS. Violoncello, Mr. PIELE. Double Bass, Mr. NUNN. Flute, Mr. CARD. Clarionet, Mr. SIPPE. Bassoon. Mr. DENMAN. ORGAN - Mr. BUCK, Grand Piano-Forte - Mr. E. PETTET ...

[Advertisement], Norfolk Chronicle (7 September 1822), 2

As above

[Advertisement], Norfolk Chronicle (12 October 1822), 3

NORWICH Grand Musical Festival OCTOBER SESSIONS WEEK, 1822 ... ON THURSDAY EVENING, Oct. 17, a Grand Miscellaneous Concert, AT THE THEATRE ... ACT 2 ... CONCERTO - CLARIONET AND BASSOON OBLIGATO - Mr. SIPPE and Mr. DENMAN - Danzi.

"YARMOUTH, Oct. 24", Norfolk Chronicle (26 October 1822), 3

... Mrs. Salmon was rapturously encored in "Cease your Funning," - "Bid me discourse," - "My Lodging," & "Gratias agimus tibi," the accompaniment to the latter song for the clarionet were sweetly played by Mr. Sippe ...

"YARMOUTH, Oct. 28", Bury and Norwich Post (30 October 1822), 3

As above

On Eliza Salmon (1787-1849), singing Guglielmi's Gratias agimus in London, 8 March 1820; see:

Concerts of Antient Music, under the patronage of his majesty, performed at the New Rooms, Hanover Square, 1820 (London: Printed for G. Wilding, [1820]), 

[Advertisement], Norfolk Chronicle (26 July 1823), 3

RANELAGH GARDENS. ASSIZE WEEK. JULY 20, 1823 ... MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT OF VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC ... PRINCIPAL INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMERS: Mr. WATKINS, Leader. SECOND VIOLINS, Messrs. JOHNSON, WOOD, & ZERBIN, OF THE OPERA HOUSE. VIOLONCELLOS, Mr. FISHER & MR. RICHARDSON. Clarinetto, Mr. SIPPE. FLUTE - Mr. WM. FISHER. The whole Concert Band, consisting of twenty-four persons, is selected from the vicinage of Norwich, of corresponding taste and talent ...
The Military Band will perform in the Front of the Orchestra.
Wednesday Morning CONCERT will consist of the following: -
OVERTURE - "Tancredi" - Rossini.
SONG - Mr. PYNE - "And has he then fail'd in his truth" - Bishop.
SONG - Miss HOLDOWAY - "Highland Laddie."
CONCERTO - M. P. King.
SONG - Mr. PYNE - "Sigh not for love."
DUET - Mr. PYNE and Miss HOLDOWAY - "I love thee" - Bishop.
OVERTURE - "Cendrillon" - Rossini.
SONG - Miss HOLDOWAY - "Bid me discourse" - Bishop.
OVERTURE - "Clemenza di Tito" - Mozart.
SONG - Mr. PYNE, "Nelson" - Braham.
SONG - Miss HOLDOWAY - "We're a'noddin" - Hawes.

"PLEASANT AMUSEMENT", The Sydney Herald (17 May 1838), 2 

Mr. Sippe, the violincello player, summoned Mrs. Levy at the last Court ot Requests for the sum of £9, being three weeks salary, which became due after the old Theatre closed. The Commissioner gave Mr. Sippe a judgment, so that Mr. S. by this means will be enabled to receive his salary for the full term of hia agreement, the same as if the Theatre had remained open. On Monday Mrs. Levy served Sippe with a notice to attend the Theatre as usual; accordingly, Mr. S. went, and being supplied with a light ind music-books, after a few preliminary flourishes, played the violincello parts of half a dozen overtures. About eleven o'clock it was announced that the play was over; and Mr. Sippe was allowed lo takehis leave. We understand that Mr Sippe will be called upon to play his part four times a week, the same as if the regular performances were going on and in default of doing so his salary will be discontinued.

"AUSTRALIA", Hampshire Advertiser [UK] (29 September 1838), 4

We have received our usual file of Australian papers; the following is an abridgment of the principal topics of interest: - ...
"PLEASANT AMUSEMENT. - Mr. Sippe, the violoncello player, summoned Mrs. Levey at the last Court of Requests for the sum of 9l, being three weeks' salary, which became due after the old theatre closed ....

"DIED", Cork Constitution [Ireland] (1 September 1832), 3

In Tralee, of cholera, Mr. Andrew Sippe, for many years Master of the Band in the Kerry Regiment of Militia. Mr. Sippe was a native of Germany, and had attained considerable proficiency in the science of Music.

[News], The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (21 February 1833), 2

We lately observed, in a contemporary, a notice of the death, at Tralee, in Ireland, of Mr. Andrew Sippe, professor of music, and for many years master of the band of the Kerry Militia. We have been since informed that the deceased was father to our respectable fellow-colonist, Mr. Sippe, of Sydney. The Dublin playgoers - and we among the rest - well remember the elder Mr. Sippe as principal oboe player in the orchestra of the Theatre Royal. His performance on that instrument had arrived at a pitch of excellence never excelled, if equalled, by any other player; and we have no doubt that there are many in the colony who will bear us out in stating that the applause which he used to receive when playing solos on the oboe was enthusiastic in the extreme. Indeed it was rarely that an overture was written by a local composer, without the introduction of a solo for the oboe, in order to afford an opportunity for a display of Mr. Sippe's talents. We were not personally known to him in Ireland, but we are enabled to state that we believe he was much respected.

Marriages registered at Sydney, 1837; 315/1837 V1837315 75

George Sippe, and Frances Smith

[Advertisement], Australasian Chronicle (9 April 1842), 3 

ROYAL VICTORIA THEATRE. FIRST NIGHT OF DOUGLAS AT HALF PRICE. THIS EVENING (Saturday), April 9, 1842, will be performed PEDLAR'S ACRE; OR, THE WIFE OF SEVEN HUSBANDS. Comic Negro Song, by Mr. Phillips. - A variety of Entertainments. To conclude with the Tragic Play called DOUGLAS. Glenalvon - MR. NESBITT; Douglas - MR. SIMMONS; Lady Randolph - MRS. THOMPSON.

"DEATH BY APOPLEXY", The Sydney Herald (11 April 1842), 2 

At the close of the performance at the Victoria Theatre, on Saturday night, Mr. Sippe, one of the musicians connected with that place of amusement, was suddenly seized with apoplexy und was carried home insensible, where he expired yesterday morning. Mr. Sippe was well known as a member of the musical profession in this Colony, where he arrived as band-master of the 57th Regt., which he left on its leaving the Colony. He was the first leader of the Orchestra of the Old Theatre Royal, George-street, and since then has always been a member of the Theatrical band.

[Advertisement], The Sydney Morning Herald (7 September 1842), 3 

Music and Instruments of the late Mr. Sippe, Formerly Master of the Band of H. M. 57th Regiment, and Leader of the Orchestre at the Theatre Royal, Sydney.

HOWARD AND WATSON have received instructions to sell by auction, at their Mart, Hunter-street, opposite the Olympic, on THURSDAY EVENING, 8th September, at half-past six o'clock,

The Library of Printed and Manuscript Music, together with, the valuable Violins, Tenors, Violoncellos, Flutes, Pianoforte, and other Instruments.

[Insolvent estates], New South Wales Government Gazette (23 February 1844), 338 

In the Insolvent Estate of Frances Sippe, of Nash's Buildings, Castlereagh-street, Sydney, lodging house keeper ...

"BOMBAY", Morning Post [London] (8 March 1844), 7

[DIED] ... At Bombay, on the morning of the 22d January, of Cholera, William John, the [ ? ] son of Mr. C. A. Sippe, bandmaster 2d Light Cavalry, aged 21 months.

MARRIAGES, BIRTHS, AND DEATHS. BOMBAY", London Evening Standard (6 May 1847), 3

At Raikote, on the 10th instant [March], the wife of Mr. C. A. Sippe, the master of the band, 2d Regiment Light Cavalry, of a son.

? Son of a brother of George

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